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Vaajeh Academy Training Courses

Vaajeh Academy’s Services and Offers

مصاحبه، آنالیز و تعیین سطح نیروی کار شرکت ها

Interviewing, Analyzing and Determining The Level of the Company's Workforce

Determining the level and training of company forces, including CEOs, board members, experts and employees, etc.

مشاوره به سازمان ها و شرکت ها جهت کمک به ارتباط های بین المللی

Advice to Organizations and Companies to Help with International Relations

Consulting to improve the linguistic knowledge of companies to expand communication on an international level

جذب مدرس از دانشجویان برتر

Recruiting Lecturers from Top Students

Vaajeh Academy has provided the possibility of employment and teaching after reaching an acceptable level of knowledge and ability for its graduates

آموزش زبان تخصصی هر رشته برای مشاغل مختلف

Specialized Language Training in All Fields for Different Jobs

Assessing and providing specialized language training for the workforce for various jobs in the industrial, medical fields, etc.

Vaajeh Academy of Foreign Languages, holding an official license for education and training, is one of the most specialized institutes for holding business language classes with the help of expert teachers and lectureres with advanced degrees, some have even received international degrees. The classes are offered in English, Turkish, French and German. There are also intensive IELTS preparation classes.

Vaajeh Academy has been serving some of the largest companies in the fields of oil, petrochemicals, and telecommunications, such as ISACCO and Henkel. Vaajeh Academy has proven the profficient academic level of its professors and successful teaching methods through the success of its students.